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Deven Jennings
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Deven Jennings (he/they) earned his Doctor of Nursing Practice with an emphasis in Psychiatric-Mental Health in May of 2021. He has worked in mental health for the past 5 years in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services.

Dr. Jennings graduated from Brigham Young University in April 2016 and joined Huntsman Mental Health Institute (formerly University Neuropsychiatric Institute) on the geriatric and medical psychiatric unit in inpatient services. He worked for 2 years as a charge nurse before returning to graduate school to earn his DNP. While in school, Dr. Jennings worked as a graduate assistant and outpatient psychiatric nurse with the College of Nursing at the University of Utah.

Dr. Jennings is dedicated to providing evidence-based care for those with psychiatric and behavioral health concerns. Dr. Jennings is also passionate about providing LGBTQIA+ affirming psychiatric services to clients in our community. Dr. Jennings believes in holistic approaches to mental health, including addressing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual elements on mental health care. He is also enthusiastic about providing cutting-edge treatment options to clients, including ketamine and TMS.

When he is not working, Dr. Jennings enjoys spending time with his family, reading Harry Potter on repeat, swimming, and eating Italian food.

Sarah MacCombie (she/they/he) is a licensed occupational therapist and associate clinical mental health counselor with 8 years of experience in physical rehabilitation and 4 years of experience in mental health and developmental therapy. Sarah's passion is supporting others in discovering self awareness, acceptance, and the power to live a fulfilling and authentic life. 

Sarah specializes in Transpersonal therapy, Gestalt therapy, Somatic-based trauma therapy, Process Work, CBT, dream work, inner child work, and shadow work. She also specializes in LGBTQ+ affirming therapy and affirming letter writing.

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Sarah MacCombie
Clinical Director
Counselor, OTL, ACMHC


Angela Ericson
Director of Research & Development

Angela has been working in OT for 5 years; the last 4 years focusing on school based therapy where she addressed handwriting, attention, motor, and visual perception skills through play and interest based practices. She enjoys building relationships of reciprocal teaching experiences which provides opportunities to explore new and unknown talents and interests for herself and her clients. When she is not hyper-focused on occupational therapy subjects, she enjoys camping and playing with her spouse, two children, and two dogs.

As a diagnosed adult with ADHD, Angela has experienced the intense struggle between doing what she wants and doing what her nervous system needs. She brings a special awareness and insight to programs development at the Neurodiversity Clinic.

My name is Alice Pugh (she/her) and I am an Occupational Therapist here in SLC with a background in community-based therapy with LGBTQ+ and refugee communities, as well as pediatric experience in sensory clinics and school systems.


I am here to support each of our clients in any and all occupations that bring them joy and independence. I work through a Neurodiversity affirming and Trauma-informed lens to help folks engage in everything they need and want to do. 

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Alice Pugh
Team Clinician

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